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In the light of research, a clean space makes a person feel significantly more relaxed and productive. However, juggling between work and personal life gives you no time to ensure proper cleaning. This is where our professional apartment cleaning services in Brooklyn come into the picture.

Our bespoke cleaning solutions are designed to ensure excellent hygiene, creating a space where you can safely cherish happy moments with your loved ones. With the optimum balance between our work quality and cost, we are among the most trusted cleaning contractors in the USA.

Regular Cleaning: Ease your ritualistic cleaning with our regular cleaning services.

Deep Cleaning: From carpet to upholstery, we offer thorough cleaning solutions.

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Cleaning may feel like a mundane chore, but not to us. At Manhattan Cleaning, we believe in constant growth and a dynamic approach. That’s why our certified specialists stay in touch with evolving market trends so we can offer the best cleaning solutions using top-notch products.

Our experts are hired after thorough background research, so you can rest assured your apartment is in safe hands. Moreover, you can get in touch with our customer care services at any point to clear any query.

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We understand that each client has its own needs and budget constraints, so we offer bespoke apartment cleaning in Brooklyn that aligns with these considerations. We cover:

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With years of diverse experience in janitorial services in Manhattan.

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A team of specialists trained to ensure top-tier cleaning services.

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EPA-registered products to ensure eco-friendly cleaning practices.

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Complete adherence to health and safety regulations of the area.

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Customized Packages for Every Apartment

Whether you want us to assist you in day-to-day cleaning or need us for a deep monthly and annual cleaning, our experts can entertain you with anything you want. We understand that you are entrusting us with your most valued thing, your apartment, that’s why we ensure to offer premium quality work and long-term solutions.

We believe in the power of visuals; see our portfolio and testimonials from our satisfied clients to get peace of mind. We are your one-stop shop for all your cleaning needs!


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  3. Schedule a Day: We have a flexible scheduling option, so pick the most suitable date and time.
  4. Guaranteed Results: Our company will ensure you get the most unforgettable quality cleaning services!
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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of the cleaning service depends on what package you opt for with your cleaning agency and the scale of work. Here is an overview of the average cost range of apartment cleaning in the USA:

Size of Property

Average Cost

One-bedroom apartment

$75 to $200

2-bed 2-bath home

$95 to $225

2,000 square foot house

$110 to $320

3,000 square foot house

$150 to $380

Yes, we believe in a green cleaning approach; that’s why we only use high-efficiency, environment-friendly products and tools.

Both have their special pros; however, it depends on your apartment conditions and your budget as to which option will suit you best. You can seek help from our experts regarding what will be ideal for you.

On average a deep cleaning process may require 4-8 hours consecutively; however, it may vary as per the complexities and scale of the task.

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